Nicole Del Medico


Highlights of Qualifications

Awards and Accomplishments

To utilize my knowledge, experience, insight, and strong interpersonal and communication skills towards the development, enhancement, and implementation of my abilities and potential as a professional.

  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Industrious, conscientious, and goal oriented
  • Resourceful, highly responsible, and punctual
  • Organized, supportive, and productive teamwork attitude
  • Energetic, creative and cooperative learner
  • Analytical and methodical thinker
  • Recipient of the Ontario College of Art and Design University Medal for Integrated Media (2016)
  • Selected as the reward recipient of the First Capital Realty Imagination Zone Award from all of the OCAD University medal winners (2016)
  • Recipient of the Project 31 Award for her final thesis work at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (2016)
  • Reciptient of the Nora E. Vaughan Award for her final year of study at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (2016)
  • Graduated with Distinction from the Ontario College of Art and Design University
  • Recipient of the OTSS Barford Academic Bursary for academic achievement at Ontario College of Art and Design University (2012-2016)
  • Interviewed by NOW Magazine (2013)
  • Awarded the Digital Media Certificate from the Ontario College of Art and Design University
  • Recipient of the Governor General’s Award of Excellence ( Bronze medal)


Workshops, Conferences and Further Education

Ontario College of Art and Design University                                            Toronto, ON
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media

  • Graduated with Honors and Distinction
  • Dean's Honor List (all years of study)
  • Recipient of the OTSS Academic Barford Bursary for academic achievement (2012-2016)

Ontario College of Art and Design University - Continuing Studies        Toronto, Ontario
Digital Media Certificate

  • Awarded the Digital Media Certificate for the completion of the courses: “Flash Animation,” “Advanced Flash, ActionScript 3.0 & Flex,” “Web Art and Design,” “Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks,” “Dynamic Web Art and Design, PHP”
  • Completed an additional Digital Media course, “Introduction to 3D Modeling for Animation”

Magazines in a Digital World               Toronto, ON                                                     Panelist

  • Participated in the VR for Journalism panel discussion where we explored the new possibilities of how narratives are told in VR; How does one get started in VR and what must be considered when doing so?; and more

EQ: Women in Electronic Music                Toronto, ON                                                     Participant

  • Was accepted into the Canadian Music Center's workshop program based on electroacoustic and soundscape composition skills
  • Active participant in multiple workshop sessions held each month where musical growth is developed and the pursuit of artistic excellence is nurtured

Art Intersectors Meetup               Toronto, ON                                                     Presenter

  • Conducted a presentation on October 18th for the bi-monthly Art Intersectors Meetup group about my process in creating my thesis project Never Forget: An Architecture of Memory and participated in the following panel discussion with artist Lorna Mills about our artistic practices, and the creative challenges faced with the type of work we produce

VR Dames Social: 360 Video                        Toronto, ON                                         Attendee

  • Learned about the production and equipment needed to produce 360 video by local artist, filmmaker, and current Creative Director of the NFB Karen Vanderborght. An essential presentation that exposed low-budget solutions for indie filmmakers

VR Creators Meet-up                         Toronto, ON                                                      Member

  • I have been an active member of this young meet-up group and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge with others and look forward to the possibilities of future collaborations

FIVARS 2016                                              Toronto, ON                                         Attendee

  • Experienced the work of local and international artists working in VR on various HMD platforms and had the privilege to speak with some of the talented artists present at the exhibition

OCAD University                                Toronto, ON                                                   Presenter  

  • Presented a detailed overview of my thesis project, its production, and how writing and regular theoretical readings helped inform my artwork on September 8thfor the first day of class for Integrated Media thesis students

VR Dames Work & Play                             Toronto, ON                                                Attendee          

  • Presentations throughout the evening on August 31st explored the possibilities and ways in which members of the Dames Making Games (DMG) community are approaching storytelling in virtual reality, the various production pipeline hurdles one may face and the unique challenges that come with building a virtual reality experience

Art Intersectors Meetup                           Toronto, ON                                                Attendee            

  • Attended the presentations and panel discussion on August 16th of special guests Henry Faber and Jacob Niedzwieki. Both presenters were incredibly insightful and hopeful of the possibilities and successes VR and AR have to offer so many content creators of different creative backgrounds

TIFF POP 1, 2, & 3 Panel Discussions       Toronto, ON                                                   Attendee                             

  • Attending these panel discussions shed new light and exposed different ways some artists are approaching VR that differ from my own, which proved to be very insightful and informative

NXNE - Future Land Interactive Conference 2016                                      Toronto, ON                                                  Attendee

  • Attended the conference and the proceeding mixer,enabling me to communicate with local and international artists and game developers about their work and gain further insight into the industry and their artistic practice

Digifest                                              Toronto, ON                                         Attendee

  • Participated in workshops and attended seminars related to new technological developments

Dames Making Games                                Toronto, ON                                               Attendee - ANNAJAM

  • Participated in a workshop with game designer, author and critic Anna Anthropy where an interactive text-based game was completed after learning how to use the software program Twine.

Schoolism: Education Evolved           Toronto, ON
Digital Painting Certificate

  • Completion of the online course “Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu” through




Janurary 2017 - Present













Exhibition and Professional Experience

Women in VR                                      Toronto, ON

  • Exhibited Never Forget: An Architecture of Memory at Breakthroughs Film Festival mini-exhibition showcasing the emerging art of virtual reality featuring content created by female developers

Unreal Engine 4 Tutor (VR Focus)      Toronto, ON

  • Privately taught and consulted students from various institutions how to use the Unreal Engine 4 to create VR artworks

Teaching Assistant, Intro to Maya for VR     Toronto, ON
Teaching Assistant

  • Assisted in the delivery of course content over the three session workshop series that was facilitated by Dames Making Games

Class Assistant, OCAD U                   Toronto, ON
Class Assistant

  • Planned class lessons and led three Max/MSP 7 labs for students taking the course Hybrid Media Lab
  • Assisted and mentored students with the development of their audio/video and interactive works/installations using Max/MSP 7, Processing, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Premiere
  • Maintained consistent and regular communication with Faculty supervisors to ensure optimal course delivery

Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF POP 2      Toronto, ON
Exhibited Artwork

  • Participated in the virtual reality group exhibition TIFF POP 2 where visitors experienced my virtual reality thesis experience Never Forget: An Architecture of Memory from July 15th-17th.

Max/MSP Tutor      Toronto, ON

  • Privately teaching OCAD University students how to progam and create artworks and audio compositions with Max/MSP

Mayor's Evening For The Arts      Toronto, ON
Performer, Visual Artist

  • Acted as the project leader for the participating OCADU students, ensuring that collaborations were successful and time management of duties were running efficiently
  • Collaborated with local Toronto DJ "THE PRODiiGY" (Zoravar Singh Hanjrah) to generate visuals for his live performance
  • Performed this visual accompaniment as part of the opening act

The Arraymusic Young Composers' Workshop Concert 2015                  Toronto, ON
Live Visual System Designer/Programmer

  • Used Max/MSP to create generative visuals to accompany Rick Sack's performance on the MalletKat MIDI instrument of Ben Wylie's composition "Still and Moving Lines"
  • Participated in all sessions of the young Composers Workshop

Head Gear Animation,                     Toronto, ON                                       Summer Internship as Junior After Effects Animator                 

  • Assisted with the creation of props and animations to be used in commercials online and for television

The Social Media and Collaboration Lab (SMAC Lab)                              Toronto, ON
Research and Administrative Assistant

  • Assisted with the organization and facilitation of meetings
  • Prepared and revised documents such as Power Point Presentations and applications for grants

ATB Financial,                                   Calgary, AB                                         Graphic Artist          

  • Designed sketches and animations of a rotating sign to be used for advertising.

Dr. Diane Shin and Associates      Mississauga, ON
Administration Manager (2003-2007)
Administrative Consultant (2007-Present)

  • Apply professional decision-making skills and computer knowledge to enhance office productivity
  • Utilize excellent communication skills while conversing with all patients
  • Display a constructive and conscientious attitude with all staff
  • Complete all tasks effectively and independently
  • Constantly enhance personal knowledge of office and related products
  • Restructured the office to run optimally while taking care of such duties as hiring and training of staff as well as finances (OHIP submissions)

plc group (plan lamina consolidated groupinc.)                                   Researcher, Concept Artist, Logo and Website Designer       

  • Researched current communication technologies and equipment used during Emergency/Disaster situations in order to create a conceptual design for a new machine that would ensure a stable network during a crisis situation while sustaining itself with gas, diesel, or solar power
  • Designed a custom logo and website style template for the client 

Optical Trends 4U,                   Mississauga, ON                                 Website Content Developer

  • Created written content for client while assisting with the restructuring of the website layout to create a stronger online presence
  • Duties also included training staff on how to create content for their website as well as how to use social media websites



January 2017

January 2017 - April 2017

July 15th, 2016 - July 17th, 2016


September 10th, 2015 - October 26th, 2015   

May 30th, 2015


September 2013 - February 2014





Volunteer Experience

Ontario College of Art and Design University                                           Toronto, ON                                                     Tenure Track Search Committee

  • Participated in the hiring search committee for the position of TenureAssistant Professor in Digital Painting and ExpandedAnimation Specialization (DPXA). Worked cordially with other committee members and applicants atall times. Provided tours of the OCAD U 100 McCaul campus for external candidates

Ontario College of Art and Design University                                                   Toronto, ON                                        Volunteer - Registration Assistance Days (RAD)

  • Assisted Peer Mentors with the coordination of first-year students during the Registration Assistance Days at OCAD U

Shelter Bay Public School,     Mississauga, ON                               Teaching Assistant (Co-op) – Grade 4, JK, SK 

  • Collaborated on curriculum and test development, assisted ESL students and students with disabilities, graded written work, and instructed students

The Friends of the Old Britannia Schoolhouse;Peel District School Board,                                         Mississauga, ON                                 Volunteer

  • Assisted in preparation, sales, and welcoming of guests    
  • Entertained guests as a flutist during events being held within The Old Britannia Schoolhouse



October 2003 - April 2004



Software Programs


  • VR Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Animator (2D & 3D)
  • Compositor
  • Concept Artist
  • Audio Designer

After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, PF Tracker, Audition, Cubase 7, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Mudbox, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Stencyl, Twine, Max/MSP, Processing

English - Native Language               Japanese - Working knowledge, written and spoken 

Selected Work




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